This release introduces video backgrounds, maps, and two new editing modes that enables customers to create, upload, and share both documents and contact information as stand alone links.

Version 2.5.0 is live!

We're exited to share the latest release with beta customers. Send us your questions, feedback or suggestions at (

Please clear your cache to reset your systems settings before proceeding with this update.

What's new:

  • Host documents as direct links.
  • Create & share virtual contact cards (Vcard) as direct links.
  • Upload (.mp4) videos as background.
  • New ‘Display Settings’ for all widgets.
  • New Google Maps integration.
  • New QR styles (Dots & Round)
  • New ‘select Icon’ Picker


  • Logo switch in light & dark mode.
  • ‘Create’ and ‘Select’ buttons are now rounded to make navigation clear.
  • Content types are now organized by colors in addition to Icons.
  • Added functionality to choose icon sizes for the social icons widget.
  • Added ability to view visitors by cities on stats / analytics detail pages.
  • Added ability to reset analytics.
  • Added additional payment providers for commerce widgets.
  • Referral code can now be added as a parameter to any site / link.
  • Re-designed password protected & sensitive content warning pages.
  • Re-designed content upload buttons.
  • Updated uploading indicator.

+ lots of small additional system and security improvements.